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Wallet Diary

Wallet Diary

Wallet Diary

Wallet Diary is the most comprehensive personal income and expenses tracker with reliable device synchronization and remote login within family device server, high safety, 100% completely offline and the unique option to manage your personal income and expenses together with your partner or family member in easy way. Access your data from your phone, tablet or computer web browser locally.

Keep track of your personal finance simply and efficiently! Get your current balance in various accounts like personal, cash, bank, etc., under control with Wallet Diary now.


? 100% Offline !

? All storage data belongs to device it self

? No advertisement

? Multiple accounts support

? Multi user login

? Backup and synchronize to other devices

? Advanced view for all possible aspects

? Remote login to access family member

? Supported languages: English, Tamil, Arabic & (Hindi - Malayalam - by Google)

? Easy-to-use screen

? Variety of Incomes and Expense Categories

? Personalized category types

? Report generator

? Comprehensible charts

? Full range of various accounts view

? Access from personal computer web browser

? Calculator

? Exports your accounts report with HTML file by mail

? Easy correction option

? Financial summaries

? Managing cash, bank, debtor & creditor accounts

? Keep accounts balance in correct way

? Print your report from various criteria

? Automatic Database Backup

? Import user account

? Completely Free !

Wallet Diary is your personal finance daily activities in your pocket. You can easily log all of your incomes and expenses, use the predefined categories or create your own, analyze your money flow and get your balance at any time and plan your budget in efficient way. With your couple or family plans, you can give the app to your closest ones and share your accounts and lists if you choose to control your own or family transactions everywhere with our mobile application or through your personal computer web browser.

Plan something new? Get your up to date balance information from Wallet Diary and have plan to go for new. Need to save money? Track your earnings and expenditures, manage your personal funds and control your financial situation anytime, anywhere: from your Smartphone, tablet or personal computer!

With Wallet Diary, you don’t even need to pull a phone out of your pocket; access from personal computer web browser interface is simple and functional. No need to spend valuable time to write about your financial activities! Your device has fully visualized your financial activities.

Don’t worry about it, it is completely free! And enjoy your life!

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Wallet Diary


Wallet Diary 1.4

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